Total Transparency: A 21-Day Challenge to 28.5

June was a whirlwind. From a last-minute trans-continental trip home to a weekend in Thailand to numerous social engagements, it was easy to get lost in the chaos. That stops now. I have 3 weeks to go before my half-birthday, which will mark the start of the last 18-month segment of my twenties. I want to move many different personal projects forward over these next few months.

These next 3 weeks will be a transition and clearing out of the queues of my conventional life here in Singapore. Afterwards will be a move to solidify new habits, and further develop my mental resilience and ambition to focus on the things I truly care about.

To move toward, I am planning for a unprecedented level of transparency about my life. About how I am spending my time, spending my money, eating, everything. The rundown of the apps and services that I plan to use is below:

As I progress in these regular tracking activities, I will try to post regularly here at this blog, and more automatically as I get the hang of the publishing APIs.

The goal is that by the end of the 21-day period, I will have achieved true Inbox Zero at work, at home, and zero overdue tasks in Todoist, my favorite GTD solution.

Bonus Feature 1: With the exception of a $50 Starbucks card and my spending on a day trip to Malaysia, I will spend only the $142 in my wallet right now over the next 3 weeks. I have just gone grocery shopping, and I have plenty to eat at home. I want to streamline my life enough so that is totally doable.

Bonus Feature 2: I may also try Habitica (formerly HabitRPG) if I have time. It has been well reviewed, and looks fun and nerdy.

At the end of this period, I have a small reward planned: moving from my sturdy Moto G (2015) smartphone to a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7.

The structure that I achieve through this intensive tracking I will use to further some of my ongoing projects. Those will be the subject of forthcoming posts.

A special shoutout to a podcast which partially inspired this challenge:


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